Where and When? #

When? Where?
Monday, 9 am – 10 am Engineering Theatre (#32, ground level)
Tuesday, 9 am – 10 am Engineering Theatre (#32, ground level)
Wednesday, 9 am – 10 am Engineering Theatre (#32, ground level)

All lectures are being streamed on Zoom. You find all credentials on Wattle.

Week by Week #

The following table is from 2022 and is thus outdated. Its sole purpose is so you can study ahead of time (and to provide links to videos by the textbook authors, as indicated below).

  • The new slides, along all other material from and for 2023, can be found on Wattle.
  • Textbook chapters in the table refer to the main textbook, Hopcroft, Ullman and Motwani.
  • The videos are curated videos by the textbook authors. The video recordings from our course are made available via Echo360, the link can be found on Wattle.
  • The new outline of what is taught in which week can be found on Wattle as well as in the class summary (which still shows N/A, but should be available soon).
Week # Textbook Topic Slides Videos
1 Chapter 2 Finite Automata Chp 2 Intro DFAs NFAs
  Chapter 3 Reg Exp Chp 3 RegEx App
2 Chapter 4 Reg Exp Props Chp 4 DecProc ClProps
  Chapter 5 Context Free Lang Chp 5 CFGs Parse Trees
3 Chapter 6 Pushdown Automata Chp 6 PDAs PDAs vs CFGs
4 Chapter 7 Normal Forms Chp 7 CNF PL ClProps
    Screencasts CNF   CNF1 CNF2
5 Chapter 8 Turing Machines Chp 8 TMs TM exts
6 Chapter 9 Decidability Chp 9 Dec Probs Undec Probs
    midsemester break    
7 Chapter 10 Complexity Chp 10a P vs NP
8   Cook’s Theorem Ch10b Cook’s Thm
9   NP-complete problems Ch10c NP Probs
10   PSPACE Ch11a Ch11b Ch11c  
11 Beyond HMU APTime APTime  
12 Beyond HMU Approx/Prob Approx/Prob  

If you’re stuck, then you can reach out for help anytime—the course help page or course forum is a good place to start.

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