Textbooks #

  • Hopcroft, Motwani, Ullman (2006) Automata Theory, Languages, and Computation (main textbook)
  • M. Sipser (2012) Introduction to the Theory of Computation (alternative source)
  • S. Arora and B. Barak (2009) Computational Complexity: A Modern Approach (if you want to know a lot more)

Software #

  • The website Automaton Simulator allows to create and simulate DFAs, NFAs, and PDAs (graphically). (If you create automata that you think are worth sharing, please let me (Pascal) know.)
  • The JFLAP package allows you to simulate all kinds of automata and machines.

Past Exams #

Lecture Recordings #

  • The recordings of the current year will be published via Wattle360, which will be linked from Wattle.
  • Our page on the Lectures provides links to presentations of the textbook authors which might nicely complement the explanations provided in this course.
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