Labs for COMP2300/6300/ENGN2219 will be conducted in-person.

You must sign up to a lab in this course, please see the MyTimeTable website for details.

For more questions about labs, see the FAQ.

Remote students, please see the info on online labs

Labs take place at CSIT Building 108 and Hanna Neumann Building 145.


You can check out our lab timeslots here.

Please note that labs in CSIT N108 do not contain computers, as such you will need to bring your own laptop to participate in these labs. If this doesn’t work for you then you will need to allocate yourself to a different lab not in N108.

Day Time Location ID Tutors
Mon1 8am-11am CSIT N115/6 01 Harris, Kshama, Mitchell, Ethan L, Joe
Mon1 9am-12pm CSIT N109 02 Rachel, Sophie
Mon1 11am-2pm CSIT N111 03 Thomas W, Thomas C, Kayleigh
Mon1 4pm-7pm CSIT N111 04 Lavender, Anthony, Peter
Tue 10am-1pm CSIT N109 06 Thomas W, Harris
Tue 11am-2pm CSIT N113 07 Ethan L, Joshua
Tue 1pm-4pm HN 1.23 08 Rachel, Amelia, Kayleigh
Tue 2pm-5pm HN 1.24 09 Amelia, Mitchell, Adnan, Peter
Wed 11am-2pm CSIT N108 (BYO) 10 Anson, Harris
Wed 2pm-5pm CSIT N108 (BYO) 11 Ryan, Harris
Wed 5pm-8pm CSIT N112 12 Lavender, Ethan M
Thu 11am-2pm CSIT N114 13 Zack, Anson
Thu 2pm-5pm CSIT N108 (BYO) 14 Junming, Thomas C
Thu 5pm-8pm CSIT N112 15 Nicholas, Puth
Fri 5pm-8pm CSIT N115/6 16 Thomas W, Harris, Ethan M, Junming, Joe, Mykal
Fri 5pm-8pm Online - Teams   Floating Roster

Lab Pages#

The labs are mostly self-directed, but include times for you to work with your classmates and tutors.

Contacting your tutors#

See the faq.

  1. Due to a public holiday occurring on March 13th, these labs will not run in week 4. Instead the following catch up labs are offered:

    • Thursday 4pm - 7pm, HN 1.23
    • Friday 9am - 12pm, CSIT N115/16
    • Friday 5pm - 8pm, Online - Teams

    If you are unable to make any of these, then please complete the lab in your own time and post any questions you have to the forum 2 3 4

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