Divyam, Bachelor of Information Technology

Divyam Pahuja was faced with a life-changing decision to make: stay in India where his family, friends are and in his home country, or, travel almost 10,000 kilometres away to study at ANU.


Divyam, Bachelor of Information Technology
Divyam, Bachelor of Information Technology

I feel like going thousands of kilometres away from my home was worth it.

“Studying at the ANU was definitely a highly courageous step for me. But I feel that going thousands of kilometres away from my home has been worth it … I always sought a very diverse, supportive, and challenging university atmosphere.”

Divyam has found that venturing outside his comfort zone has been the best remedy for his homesickness. Immersing himself in new opportunities and experiences that the University has to offer has been an exciting journey for him.

“Before I came to the ANU, I was very introverted and feared that I would not be able to fit in. So, I made an initiative to initiate conversations with people in my hall by participating in pod meetings, engaging in workshops, study session and events.” Divyam is now an active member of the ANU volunteering society and is a common room officer for the ANU computer science and student association; an association for students studying, or who are interested in computer science, software engineering and related fields, which creates opportunities for their members to participate in social events, academic events and events sponsored by industry.

At a young age, passion was sparked.

Divyam’s passion for STEM was ignited at a young age. He always had a strong desire to understand and learn how everything worked the way that it did, and as a child he would tinker with childhood toys to create new things. When he began high school, he developed an interest in maths and physics which led him to consider studying computer science.

Divyam commenced his Bachelor of Information Technology degree at the beginning of 2022. “I primarily chose ANU because of its research-inclined curriculum for my degree,” he says. “Before choosing ANU, I explored different universities in my home country but came to the conclusion that ANU is miles ahead in its teaching methodologies and approaches. I hope to pursue a career in research. Since the very start of my degree, my professors have given us a glimpse of the research being done here and opportunities that might open up for students in the future.”

Divyam’s move overseas was made easier after unexpectedly receiving a scholarship offer from the ANU. He is a recipient of the ANU Chancellor’s International Scholarship which provides a 50 per cent waiver on tuition fees. There are 170 scholarships in this category on offer per year to support the opportunity to study abroad and make it more affordable for international students. “I never expected to receive a scholarship from ANU,” said Divyam. “Luckily, I was able to start my studies here. It was one of the best things to happen to me this year!”

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