Tina, Bachelor of Advanced Computing/Bachelor of Science '21

Bachelor of Advanced Computing (Research & Development)/Bachelor of Science student Tina chose ANU for the opportunity to dive into research at the beginning of her studies.


Tina, Bachelor of Advanced Computing/Bachelor of Science ‘21
Tina, Bachelor of Advanced Computing/Bachelor of Science '21

Ride the first few months out to adjust to your new environment. You’ll most likely enjoy it. I know I did.

From a young age Tina planned for a future in Computer Science and now that she is exposed to world-leading research she is inspired and excited by the potential of the field.

“Even more fascinating is the capacity of cutting-edge research to genuinely improve lives, from bionic human body parts in biotechnology to better UI in app development, to real-life application of theoretical algorithms,” Tina said.

Approaching her own studies from an inter-disciplinary standpoint, Tina feels that the current integration of computer science and complimentary disciplines is just the beginning of a new way of thinking.

“Computer science has completely revolutionised how the world is run today, and this isn’t going to stop anytime soon. I believe that the next step is to link computer science with human-focused elements such as psychology in order to gain a better interdisciplinary understanding of the world,” Tina highlights.

Tina also believes that the combination of her degrees will provide her with the skills and knowledge to flourish in her future career.

But it’s not just what happens in the classroom that is preparing Tina for success after graduation. Opportunities to fast-track a relationship with industry are available through internships, work experience and company visits.

“ANU consistently has talks and workshops with companies such as Facebook, Indeed, Xero and more. Additionally, ANU regularly runs Careers Fairs, both general and college-specific, which helps to link students to exciting companies and future employers.”

This link to real-world industry has inspired Tina to set her sights on a bright future.

“The University’s focus on inter-disciplinary collaborations has greatly influenced what I would like for my own career. I would like to pursue a direction in climate change solutions using technology.”

“I would like to compare these experiences of research and industry before making my mind up … In the long-term future, I would like the opportunity to either work for a company such as Nintendo or Pixar, contribute to human-centered computing research, focusing on psychology, or contribute to solving the global issue of climate change,” Tina explained.

Tina’s advice to new students is to be patient and build connections.

“Canberra has more going on than you think. I particularly enjoy festivals such as Enlighten, the Canberra Balloon Spectacular, Skyfire, Art Not Apart, and Floriade to name just a few examples. It is a vibrant city with lots going on.”

“Ride the first few months out to adjust to your new environment. You’ll most likely enjoy it. I know I did.”

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