This course does not make use of a prescribed textbook.

If you prefer to use a text, we recommend that you consider the textbooks below (two of which are free), and the online resources, and decide which of these are the best match for your needs.

You are not required to purchase any book.

  • Thinking In Java, Bruce Eckel (4th Edition), also available for purchase from Amazon. This book is comprehensive and highly regarded. We cross-reference it heavily from the lecture notes.

  • Thinking In Java, Bruce Eckel (3rd Edition). The great thing about this book is that it is freely available. However, it is slightly outdated, only covering up to Java 2 (we’re studying Java 17). One or two important concepts are not covered in this version of the book, but it remains an excellent resource.

  • Head First Java, Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates, available from Booktopia. This book is very popular and covers the material well, and does so in a very approachable style. We highly recommend you consider this book. We cross-reference the book heavily in our lecture notes.

  • Effective Java, Joshua Bloch (3rd Edition), available from amazon. This book is absolutely outstanding, but is not required. It takes you well beyond the material covered in this course. However, if you’re interested in doing more Java, we highly recommend that you buy this book sooner rather than later.

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