The schedule partly reflects the content of last semester (old slides mention COMP1140). Current content will be updated as the class progresses.

Feb 19 1 I1, S1, J1, J2, B1 J3, J4, J5, B8 L1 J1, J2, J3, J4, J5
Feb 26 2 J6, J7, O1, O2 B12, O3, J10, B19 L2 J6, J7, O1, O2
Mar 04 3 J11, O4, J8, J9, B10 O5, S2, S3, B13 L3 J11, O4, J8, J9
Mar 11 4 S5, B7 S4, C1, A1, B4 LT C1 D1A, D2A
Mar 18 5 A2, B2 J12, X1, X2, B5 L5 J12, X1 DXC, D2B
Mar 25 6 X3, J13, J14, B3 No lecture L6 J14
Lecture break D2C
Lecture break
Apr 15 7 C2, C3 C3, J14 L7 J14
Apr 22 8 J15, C4 C4, C5 L8 D2D
Apr 29 9 A3, A4 A5 L9 D2E
May 06 10 C4, A6 C7, J16
May 13 11 C6 TBD D2F
May 20 12 R1 R2 D2G

Alternatively view schedule with topics expanded.

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