The schedule partly reflects the content of last semester (old slides mention COMP1140). Current content will be updated as the class progresses.

This page is transitioning from the previous semester and some details haven't been updated yet or are still in flux#

Jul 22 1 I1, S1, J1, J2, B1 J3, J4, J5, B8 L1 J1, J2, J3, J4, J5
Jul 29 2 J6, J7, O1, O2 B12, O3, J10, B19 L2 J6, J7, O1, O2
Aug 05 3 J11, O4, J8, J9, B10 O5, S2, S3, B13 L3 J11, O4, J8, J9
Aug 12 4 S5, B7 S4, C1, A1, B4 LT C1 D1A, D2A
Aug 19 5 A2, B2 J12, X1, X2, B5 L5 J12, X1 DXC, D2B
Aug 26 6 X3, J13, J14, B3 No lecture L6 J14
Lecture break D2C
Lecture break
Sep 16 7 C2, C3 C3, J14 L7 J14
Sep 23 8 J15, C4 C4, C5 L8 D2D
Sep 30 9 A3, A4 A5 L9 D2E
Oct 07 10 C4, A6 C7, J16
Oct 14 11 C6 TBD D2F
Oct 21 12 R1 R2 D2G

Alternatively view schedule with topics expanded.

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