This page is transitioning from the previous semester and some details haven't been updated yet or are still in flux#

Lecturers, Tutors, and Peers

When you need help, please remember the following:

  • Your lecturers and tutors are always willing to help you, and are determined to see you succeed in this class.
  • Before asking for help, please remember to search:
    • Use a web search.
    • Search the ed forum.
    • Consult the FAQ
  • If none of the above provide answers, ask on ed, or ask your lecturer or tutor in person during your lecture or lab.
    • Asking a question on the forum contributes to everybody’s learning as the whole class gets the benefit of the discussion or answer.
    • Avoid making a private post whenever practical (others in the class are often going to have similar questions).
    • Be sure to take advantage of the 1:1 consultation hours.

Please use the class forum for all questions and communication (except when explicitly instructed to use something else). Do not contact your lecturers or tutors directly via email, teams chat or any channel other than the the class forum, except for sensitive matters such as:

  • Education Access Plans (EAPs)
  • Harassment
  • Academic Integrity issues

In these cases, please use the course convenor e-mail address: (use this for both COMP1110 and COMP6710). Also consider contacting CECC student services or ANU’s Health, Safety, and Wellbeing services.

Co-convener: Patrik Haslum#

Research area: Artificial intelligence (focus on AI planning), optimisation.

SoCo web page.

Co-convener: Hongdong Li#

Research area: Computer Vision, Image Processing, Machine Learning, Robotics & AI.

SoCo web page.


Your tutors are experts and are here to help you. Make the most of this by attending and engaging in your scheduled labs or attending the scheduled consultation sessions.

Austin Yang#

Cathy Cheung#

Hey everyone! I’m Cathy, a recent Master of Computing graduate. Like many of you may have found, embarking on this journey without any prior tech knowledge was challenging, yet it led me to discover my passion and start my career as a developer :). Tutoring is yet another area where I find great joy. I love speaking with you all and sharing ideas and thoughts. So don’t hesitate to reach out if you want to chat, be it during or outside of our labs.

Chloe Lin#

Daniel Herald#

Piyumal Demotte#

Hi All, My name is Piyumal Demotte (He/Him) and I am currently a PhD student in the school of computing. My research area is mainly phylogenetics, a sub domain in Bioinformatics and computational biology. Further, I explore the application of machine learning to enhance and revolutionize phylogenetic inference methods. I am a fan of Java and C++, and I use object oriented paradigm for my day-to-day research work. I am looking forward to seeing you all and hope you’ll have an enjoyable time ahead.

Rob McArthur#

Hey everyone! I’m Rob and I recently graduated from the ANU having done Advanced Computing. This will be my fourth time around tutoring this course. I had so much fun learning from this course back in 2019 so I’m really looking forward to being able to share that excitement again with you all! I’m quite interested in a number of topics, having done work in phylogenetic tree reconstruction and machine learning, and am always happy to have a chat! Beyond studying computer science, I really enjoy doing music, walking as well as playing board games! I hope you guys have as much fun in this course as I did and I look forward to meeting you!

Sam Liersch#

Hello everyone! My name is Sam (He/Him) and I am a third year Studying a double Bachelors of Engineering and Science. I am always excited to meet new people and available for a chat at any time so if you see me around do say Hi. I love computer science especially low level and high performance computing so my favorite language is of course C (Rust is growing on me as well). Java is a fantastic language to start with as it give great foundational knowledge and I am glad that I have a chance to help you all develop your java skills. I am looking forward to meeting you all!

Tal Shy-Tielen#

Hi everyone! I’m Tal (he/him) and this is my third year at ANU studying a double degree in computing and law. My first encounter with programming was learning c at an extracurricular high school program in year 10. Initially, I found it too difficult and stopped coding for a year but after picking it back up again in my final year I decided I would make it my career. Please remember that programming is hard and can sometimes feel like learning a second language, your code will likely not work the first time you try it (I have become a master at deciphering error messages). Please never be afraid to ask a question in your labs and to have fun, creating something that works is very rewarding and I wish everyone a great semester.

Vikram Sondergaard#

Hi all! My name is Vikram (he/him) and I’m in my sixth year of a Computer Science and Languages degree. I’ve been teaching this course for four years, and am really excited to help a new crop of students with their Java and object-oriented design. When I started my degree, I had almost zero experience in programming. So if you’re also new to programming, don’t stress — this course will give you a strong foundational knowledge in programming, and you’ll develop some really exciting software in the process. I hope I can help you have an enjoyable and productive time in this course!

Xin Lu#

Hi everyone! My name is Xin Lu (she/they). I’m currently in my honors year doing research about designing programming languages. I’m also interested in high-performance computing schemes and their interdisciplinary application. Alongside my academic pursuits, I’m a big fan of video games, such as Pokemon and Palworld (well yes, but it’s fun). I remember starting my uni as someone who’s interested in computer science and this course provides rich materials for me to explore a bit of everything — from Java to data structures, algorithms, and team projects to create our own software. I hope you can have fun in this course! If you have any questions on course content or just would like to chat casually, please feel free to reach out.

Yash Srivastava#

Yumeng Liu#

Hi everyone! I’m Yumeng (she/her), I’m in my third year of chemistry, and I was just as surprised as you are when I picked up computer science. But from bioinformatics to molecular dynamics, all the coolest works lie at the intersection of natural science and computing. Cliché as it is, computer science is a space for everyone. Through this type of problem solving, I’m excited to share the empowerment first year me experienced first-hand. Looking forward to getting to know you!

Chenyang Pan#

Oscar Czernuszyn#

Ashley Tang#

Sam Crowley#

Patrick Reid#

Your Peers#

Engage with your classmates and group members. Use the class forum. If you don’t understand something, ask others. Explaining something to one of your peers will help deepen your understanding.

Class Representatives#

Each School of Computing course has a class representative.

Class representatives are a great resource, but they are not a substitute for providing feedback to your lecturer. If you want to give feedback, whether it be positive or negative, your starting point should always be to give that feedback directly to your lecturer, either in person, or on the class forum, using anonymity if you don’t feel comfortable being identified. If for some reason you feel uncomfortable even with anonymous feedback, your class reps are able to pass on information on your behalf. If you feel that you can’t give feedback directly to the lecturer, you should let your course representative know why you feel that way.

We will ask for volunteers for the role of class representatives in week 1. Once selected, your class representatives are listed below.

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