When you need help, please remember the following:

  • Your lecturer and tutor are always willing to help you, and are determined to see you succeed in this class.
  • Before asking for help, please remember to search:
    • Use a web search.
    • Search the Piazza site.
    • Consult the FAQ
  • If none of the above provide answers, ask on Piazza, or ask your lecturer or tutor in person during your lecture or lab.
    • Asking a question on the forum contributes to everybody’s learning as the whole class gets the benefit of the discussion or answer.
    • Avoid making a private post whenever practical (others in the class are often going to have similar questions).
    • Be sure to take advantage of the 1:1 consultation hours.

Please do not contact your lecturer or tutors via email. Instead use the class forum. Email is not a good modality for student/teacher interaction.

Convenor + Lecturer: Dr Paul Scott #

I’m a research fellow with the School’s Intelligence Cluster, with a focus on optimisation and applications to smart grids and energy systems. Please just call me Paul — I’m not one for formal titles. This is my first time teaching Structured Programming and I’m really looking forward to the experience. It is a terrific course, thanks to all those who came before, that I’m sure you will enjoy. I hope you will share the same love of coding that I have, and develop a lifelong passion to hone your skills and knowledge in the practice and art of programming!

Second Examiner: Professor Tony Hosking #

I am a professor in the ANU School of Computing, and currently also the School Director. You can call me Tony (pronouns he/him). I was a professor at Purdue University in the US before I joined ANU. Over my career I have taught thousands of students in courses on programming, programming language principles, programming language implementation, and programming language runtime systems. These are also my main research interests. I am excited to be affiliated with this course this semester.

Tutors #

Your tutors are experts and are here to help you. Make the most of this by attending and engaging in your scheduled labs or attending the scheduled drop-in sessions.

Consultation Hours #

There are 1:1 consultation sessions available online throughout the week. These 1:1 consultations occur 6 times a week starting in week 2 on the consultation channel. The times are the first hour of each lab, excluding the 8am and 9am labs. They are available to anyone, regardless of when your lab time is.

The course tutors are as follows:

Ashleigh Johannes #

Hi, I’m Ash, I’m a Maths and Comp Sci major. I’m a dancer and artist that has recently discovered a love for programming (who knew!) and as an aspiring teacher I hope you can teach me just as much as I can teach you. This course is loads of fun, I hope you enjoy it!

Benjamin Gray #

Hi I’m Ben, currently in my 4th year of Advanced Computing here at ANU. I had a great experience when I took this course (so many years ago…), and now aim to help you get as much as possible out of the course as well. My best advice is to stay engaged: there’s a lot of material, but if you keep up with the lectures and labs you’ll be in a good position to get the most out of this course.

Ilya Weisman #

My name is Ilya and I’m a second year student studying Computer Science and Physics. I really enjoy programming, and my other hobbies are rock climbing and reading. I did this course in my second semester and thought it was a fantastic introduction to software development. My favourite part of the course was the group assignment, which developed practical skills such as team collaboration and graphical user interface (GUI) proficiency. I also enjoyed the lab and exam questions as problem solving challenges. I’m excited to meet you and hope to help you enjoy, and succeed in, this course.

Julian Crosby #

Hi, I’m Julian (He/him) and I am from the Eurobodalla, a rural shire on the New South Wales south coast. I love to visit the snow and go skiing every winter, and I’m definitely a coffee over tea guy (Sorry tea fans, but cappuccino wins). I’m currently in my second year at ANU studying computer science, and despite the great surf and beaches I left behind, my time here at ANU has been amazing so far!! COMP1110 was a really enjoyable and fulfilling course for me, and I hope to share that joy with you all!

Junming Zhao #

Hi! I’m Junming and currently a forth year student in computer science and math. I did COMP1110 couple of years ago. I had little experience in programming, but I definitely enjoyed and benefited a lot from it. I find it very satisfying to design or solve object-oriented programs - it can be really structured, flexible and creative! I am looking forward to meeting you all and I hope you all can enjoy the course!

Leopold Zhou #

Hello World! I’m Leo. I’m currently studying computer science and management. When I was learning this course, I found it incredibly exciting. The Object-Oriented Paradigm makes programming with Java just like playing with LEGO pieces. I started from scratch and eventually got a satisfying outcome. You will too! Please make the most of us as your “Rubber Ducks” :)

Mitchell Moore #

Hi, I’m Mitch and I’m studying psychology and computer science. A buddy convinced me to try CS in my final year of psychology, and now I’m in my fifth year of a four-year degree! I took this course a year ago and it was a great introduction to imperative programming and object-oriented design. I look forward to meeting you all and being a part of your java journey!

Shantha Bhaskaran #

Hi everyone, my name is Shantha but feel free to call me Shan. I took this course as an elective all the way back in 2018 and loved it so much I picked up another degree to study computer science! I look forward to meeting all of you and I hope I can share my enthusiasm for Java, Object-Oriented Programming and everything else with you :)

Siying (Kathleen) Qian #

Hi, I am Siying Qian, and you can call me Kathleen! I am a fifth-year student of Computer Science and Actuarial Studies. I studied the course in my first year and tutored the course for one year. Structured Programming is one of my favourite courses as the beginning of my programming tour, and I especially love the game-related assignments inside. As a tutor, I enjoy guiding students to solve challenges and finding optimized solutions together with you. I hope your course journey can be as fun as mine and look forward to joining you this semester.

Vikram Sondergaard #

Hi all! My name is Vikram (he/him) and I’m in my fifth year of a Computer Science and Languages degree. I’ve been teaching this course for almost three years, and am really excited to help a new crop of students with their Java and object-oriented design. When I started my degree, I had almost zero experience in programming. So if you’re also new to programming, don’t stress — this course will give you a strong foundational knowledge in programming, and you’ll develop some really exciting software in the process. I hope I can help you have an enjoyable and productive time in this course!

Your Peers #

Engage with your classmates and group members. Use the class forum. If you don’t understand something, ask others. Explaining something to one of your peers will help deepen your understanding.

Class Representatives #

Each School of Computing course has a class representative.

Class representatives are a great resource, but they are not a substitute for providing feedback to your lecturer. If you want to give feedback, whether it be positive or negative, your starting point should always be to give that feedback directly to your lecturer, either in person, or on the class forum, using anonymity if you don’t feel comfortable being identified. If for some reason you feel uncomfortable even with anonymous feedback, your class reps are able to pass on information on your behalf. If you feel that you can’t give feedback directly to the lecturer, you should let your course representative know why you feel that way.

Your class representatives are listed below. We have one for each course code, but feel free to contact whowever you are most comfortable approaching.

Humphrey (Ziyue) Yang (COMP1110) #

Hi, My name is Humphrey Yang. I am a fourth-year student in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics and Applied Data Analytics. I have done most of the statistics and PPE courses in my past years, and it is a fresh experience for me to take computer science courses. I hope we can go through this course together and make it a fun and enjoyable experience with all of you! As a fourth-year student, I have been very experienced in communicating with course convenors. So, if you have any concerns or suggestions about the course, please feel free to message me on Microsoft Teams or email me and I will convey the message anonymously to Paul :)

Ye Duan (COMP6710) #

Hi everone. I’m Ye Duan. And I’m studying Computing. It’s a great pleasure to meet you. My undergraduate major is automation, but I chose to major in computing now as I found that I was interested in programming. If you have any questions about this course, please feel free to contact me over Microsoft Teams or email so that we can learn and discuss together, and I’ll do my best to make this work. I’m looking forward to enjoying this course with you all.

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