This page is transitioning from the previous semester and some details haven't been updated yet or are still in flux#

The lecture sessions are listed below including the units covered in each session. The future schedule is a copy from last semester and will be updated to reflect the current class as time progresses (old slides mention COMP1140). There is also an ordering of the units by theme available.

Hover over the unit titles to get a list of topics covered, click the buttons to access resources and reveal further details. Buttons to video recordings will appear next to each lecture as they become available.


Recording: Not yet available

I1   Introduction   pdf
S1   Software Development Tools   pdf
J1   Introductory Java 1   pdf code
J2   Introductory Java 2   pdf code


Recording: Not yet available

J3   Introductory Java 3   pdf code
J4   Introductory Java 4   pdf code
J5   Control Flow 1: Selection   pdf code
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