Please be sure to read this page in its entirety, including the important notes at the bottom of the page.

The final mark for is calculated from the following components:

The deliverables page contains a detailed breakdown of these assessments, including when different parts are due, how many marks each part is worth, and how they are assessed. The schedule also lists the weeks where these deliverables are due.

The course has two hurdle requirements: you must pass the week five basic competency assessment, and you must achieve 40% of the available marks in the final exam. Students who achieve a mark of at least 50% in the lab test in week four are exempt from the basic competency assessment. Failing a hurdle will result failing the course (or at least having to take a supplementary exam, with the final grade limited to at best PS).

The marks for the first assignment and the lab test are ‘redeemable’ via the final exam. This means that if you score a higher percentage on the final exam than on one of the redeemable assessments, that assessment item’s contribution to your final mark for the course will be calculated using your final exam mark rather than your raw mark for the assessment, as follows:

A = max(A1, E ✕ 5/50) + A2

L = max(LT, E ✕ 5/50)

The final mark is calculated using the following formula:

Final Mark = A + L + CE + E

Important Notes#

  • All submitted work may be subject to an oral examination. If the course convener deems the outcome of the oral exam to be unsatisfactory, the mark for that assessment item may be adjusted accordingly.

  • Students must get a minimum final mark of at least 50% to pass the subject. Note that final marks for all courses are moderated by the School of Computing examiners meeting, so the mark you are awarded may be higher or lower than the mark calculated using the above formula.

  • Please check the Current Students Website for policy statements concerning special consideration process, deferred examination, special exam arrangements, and supplementary examination.

  • Quality and integrity are expected from all students. Students should also expect this from the lecturing/tutorial staff. Please read over the ANU’s policy on this matter.

  • Hardcoding your submission to target specific test cases instead of providing a submission that can handle the general case will result in deductions.

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