This page is transitioning from the previous semester and some details haven't been updated yet or are still in flux#

A detailed listing of all lecture units is provided below grouped by theme. Use the schedule to view the delivery order. See the lectures by session page if you would like the full recordings for each session, noting that they may include administrative announcments not categorised below. Until the end of the semester, part of the themes and materials listed here are from last semester (old slides mention COMP1140). They will be updated as the class progresses.

Hover over the unit titles to get a list of topics covered, click the buttons to access resources and reveal further details.

I:  Introduction#

J:  Java#

O:  Object Orientation#

S:  Software Engineering#

C:  Core Computer Science#

A:  Abstract Data Types#

X:  JavaFX#

B:  Biographies#

R:  Revision#

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