Lecture Information#

Lectures are at the core of this course and are designed to be engaging. Lectures will include in-class quizzes, opportunities for questions, live coding, and group problem-solving. Quizzes during lectures will be run through the ed forum.

Our lectures are scheduled as follows:

  • Thursday 09:00-11:00
  • Friday 13:00-15:00

Lectures are structured in units. You can find the material (lecture notes, code, homework problems, related links) associated with these units organised by session or by theme. It is up to you to make the most of these resources. Like any class, engagement is the key to success. You will probably find yourself struggling otherwise. The best approach is to be an active participant in the lectures and the labs.


Lecture recordings will be available soon after each lecture (usually within 24 hours) through echo360. You can find the lecture content associated with each unit of course content on this web site, sorted by session or by theme.


Soon after the first lecture, the code from the lectures will be available in a GitLab repository. You can clone the lecture code by creating a new IntelliJ project from the splash screen, or via “File”, “New Project from Version Control”, “Git”. There’s a video showing how to do this.

Homework Questions#

Many of the lecture units have associated homework problems which you are encouraged to complete. The homework questions form the basis for the lab test.

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