How do I contact my lecturer or tutor?#

Use ed. If the question is a private one, then feel free to ask a private question. Do not use private messages to ask general questions; this is discourteous and inefficient use of time. Questions that may be relevant to other students should be asked publicly.

How do I ask a public question on ed?#

  1. Search the ed forum site using the search dialogue at top left. If the question has already been answered, you’re done. If the answer is not quite what you’re looking for, leave a comment asking for further clarification.
  2. If the above is not successful, consult this FAQ.
  3. If the above is not successful, do a web search.
  4. If none of the above were successful, create a new question by pressing the “New Thread” button at top right.
    • Choose the “Question” type, and choose a category most closely related to the question.
    • You should post to everyone unless there is a strong reason to make your question private.
    • You may make your post anonymous, but only do so if you are particularly uncomfortable revealing your identity. Generally, it is antisocial to hide behind the mask of anonymity in a community forum.

How do I ask a private question on ed?#

  1. Follow the steps above for a public question, but select the “Private” checkbox before posting.
  2. If it is for a specific tutor, type @ somewhere in the post to get a list of names to flag in the post.
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