This includes a listing of our academic staff who are available to supervise PhD or MPhil students.

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Q. Why are some academics not available to supervise PhD students?

A. This can be because they have reached the maximum limit of six PhD students allowed to be supervised as a primary supervisor at the ANU or because they may be planning an extended leave in the near future.

Q. How do I approach a potential supervisor?

A. Please see a lot of good advice available online here and here, check the supervisor’s personal web page to make sure your research background is a good fit first, and never email every staff member in the department including those not in your research area.

Q. What is the typical composition of a supervisory panel?

A. You can see the ANU HDR Supervision Procedure here. Every panel consists of an experienced chair (has to be tenure track or continuing academic at level C or above), who often also fills the role of the primary supervisor and usually two further associate supervisors. Our school generally only allows tenure track or continuing academics as the chairs or primary supervisors.

Research Fellows or Honorary Appointments may also be primary supervisors, but to be able to guarantee continuity of PhD supervision for our students, they need to please contact to discuss the exact arrangements as we only allow them to be associate supervisors by default. Furthermore, for any primary supervisor who is not a tenure track or continuing one needs to find a panel chair who is tenure track or continuing and is at level C or above. All supervisors listed below as available have been approved to take on the role of a primary supervisor within our school.

Available and Have Personal PhD Scholarships


Not Available

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